Insights from Data using Excel consists of 3 hours of idea-packed short lessons and real-life case studies. All lessons are less than 5 minutes each.

Introduction (15 minutes)

Introduction to the course
Introduction to sort, filter and pivot tables, personal spending example
Preparing for exploration: personal finance example
Quiz 1
Useful techniques before sorting and filtering

Sorting and filtering (30 minutes)

Installing filter buttons and sorting 
Filtering by categories
Filtering by numerical values
Combining filters
Challenge #1: Find at least 2 glitches in the table
Challenge answer
Review and summary of sort and filter

PivotTables (40 minutes)

Building a PivotTable
Exploring a PivotTable
Turning continuous values into categories with grouping
Filtering and a couple try-it-yourself pivot tables
Consultant time log example with filtering
Case Study challenge #2: summarize time log
Consultant case study challenge solution: customer
Analyzing categories. Store purchase analysis
Using a PivotTable for clustering
Quiz 3
“Summarized by” choices and how to use them
Data representation matters

Business case studies: defaulting, marketing, segmentation (35 minutes)

Who is most likely to default at this bank?
Structuring the data for a PivotTable
Using PivotTable average to find categories of interest
Case Study Challenge #3: Find a high-default category
Challenge solution
Case Study challenge #4: Best marketing month
Challenge solution
Case Study Challenge #5: Personalized sales campaign
Challenge solution
Challenge #6: Previous contacts
Challenge solution

Use functions to organize your data for exploration (30 minutes)

Introduction: Issues of real-world data and missing data
Changing categories to numbers or different names 
Introducing the function VLOOKUP
The power of Autofill for formulas
Filling a table by looking up in another
Putting numbers in categories (binning) using VLOOKUP
Using a calculated column
Unstacking data

Summary (5 minutes)