I use an Apple Mac. I also use Microsoft Excel. A lot. Both of them. Yet when I try to find books, classes, how-to guides for Excel, it’s always for Windows. Am I the only person using Excel for Mac?

Let’s take a look at some of the stereotypes of Mac vs. Windows users. This goes back to a survey in 2011, reported in The Week, but these stereotypes persist today.

  1. PC users are older, more conservative, and suburban
  2. Mac people are foodies
  3. PC people have lower-brow media and culture habits
  4. Mac types are more educated and more festive
  5. Mac devotees are oversampled

The assumption seems to be that these artsy Mac folks wouldn’t lower themselves to use a spreadsheet. But don’t these hip, sophisticated, proud Mac users need to make decisions? Of course they do, probably even more than your stereotypical corporate drone. Decisions require data and Excel is really good at squeezing insights out of data. Find patterns in the past. Look into the future. Play what-if. Trade off conflicting goals. Balance risk and reward. It’s not just another pretty dashboard.

The few books and classes I find are for beginners wanting to impress their boss. But I’m guessing there are some decision makers out there who “think different.” I’d like to hear from you. I want to know I’m not alone. Check out my class Answers from Data using Excel for Mac and Windows, the first in the series of classes Excel for Decision Makers. Yes, it’s for Mac (oh, and Windows).